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Why Choose Guglatech?

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Guglatech is a highly innovative, Italian brand born from a great passion for motorbikes and all things mechanical. The company designs, develops, produces and distributes the most advanced fuel filtration systems for motorcycles, scooters, adventure vehicles, boats, and even light aircraft, all aimed at protecting them from fuel contamination.

In this field, Guglatech is a leading company, thanks to its competence, technical expertise and dedication as well as constant research and development. All designs are a perfect mix of the most advanced materials and optimal filter-mounting combination, to guarantee the best protection and the fastest refuelling time. The company specialises in EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) systems. Filters media/matrix, membranes and mountings are developed to cover almost all the makes and models of motorcycles, regardless of the production year.

Guglatech products are designed to protect against fuel and water contamination. Their use provides clear and concrete benefits: preservation of the fuel pump, smooth and safe ride, as well as a significant reduction of time and money spent on parts and maintenance.

Guglatech is always alongside those who travel, even daily, using their vehicles just for commuting. Contaminated fuel is everywhere, not just in remote areas and eventually the contamination will lead to problems however long your trip.

Guglatech Values:

  • Relentlessly innovative, with constant investment in Research and Development
  • Extensive technical expertise in the Motorcycle/Vehicle field
  • Meticulous selection of materials according to the applications
  • Genuine and strong relationship with customers, which in return, thanks to their feedback highly contributes to product improvement
  • Project/Product focused design and development
  • Rigorous attention to detail and care for quality
  • Lab & Real Life Tests
  • The core of business activity is the testing, experiments and control activities that take place in the “LAB”: mechanical stress, permeability test, residue control, benchmarking, inbound supplies, final product test, design, specific materials and particulates, water and dirt segregation performance
  • An amazingly strong bond with the “riders” has created a powerful flow of information, the “Real Life Test” made by customers who give feedbacks and allow Guglatech to continuously improve its products and systems

Alan (the owner of JAQtrading) fitted Guglatech filters for his trip to the Pamirs. He was so impressed with the performance that on his return he persuaded the company to allow JAQtrading to become the UK Distributor.

Have a listen to an interview with Guglielmo (the company founder) on an AdventureRiderRadio podcast:

Fuel Filter FAQ

Are they hard to fit?
The most complicated installations involve dismantling the plastics, removing the filler cap and installing the filter below the fuel cap. The simplest installations (the majority!) are performed simply by opening the filler cap and inserting the filter. There are no holes to be drilled or modifications to be made.

How long do they last? / Do I need to check if they are clean? / How often should I clean them?
It seems hard to believe but the dirtier it gets the better it will actually filter. As the "holes" in the membrane do their job and trap the dirt the holes will become smaller and the filtration effect is actually increased - smaller and smaller particles will become trapped. In the very unlikely event that they become completely blocked to the point where no fuel can pass then they can be removed, washed and refitted. In short, the filter should provide fit and forget protection for the life of the bike.

Watch the Guglatech water separation test

Watch the filter comparison test

Air Filters

Filter your air with a re-usable GUGLAtech air filter. They meet or exceed OEM air filter specs. The filter has a 30-40 micron fabric mesh which cleans the air without restricting airflow. The dry (not oiled) mesh is reinforced by a wire screen. This means the filter can be cleaned with compressed air and soapy water, WITHOUT DAMAGE TO THE FILTER. And that means you can use it over and over again. Basically, this is the last air filter you'll ever need for your bike.


Air Filters

Read a PDF explaining the GUGLAtech filtering technology here

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Havoc Machine

Read a PDF explaining the GUGLatech testing procedure

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Rage Against The Sand

More in depth detail on the extensive testing

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Sponsorship and Partnership

Guglatech is a recognized and qualified supplier for passionate and/or professional travelers, those who practice Enduro, those taking part in Rally Raids and wanting to avoid risks during races. We also support charities, including “Children in the Desert” and “Cinema Du Desert, that use Guglatech products on trucks and transport means to reach villages and bring their help with no concerns and worries.

Here are some of their stories:

Team Kapriony – Africa Ecorace 2017
Carlo Legnani – Hellas Rally 2017
Ugo Filosa – Hellas Rally 2017
Team Cavicchi (Eugenio & Alessandro Edoardo) – Hellas Rally 2017
Jonathan Nencini – Gibraltar Race 2017
Edoardo Cavicchi – National Rally Championship 2017
Stefano Leorato – SM Italian Race
Mauro Gessi for the project “Mantyde” based on the LC8 mechanics
HZP Minibike Championship 2017
Guglatech sponsorships 2016:

Team Kapriony – Africa Ecorace 2016
Manuel Lucchese and Matteo Olivetto – Paris Dakar 2016
Carlo Legnani – Hellas Rally 2016
Thanks to the excellent performance of its products, Guglatech has been working for a long time with some well-known and relentless travelers around the world, including Laura Buitron, Motomentals -Jess and Jeku (Jess & Bart Lammaing), Keith and Jalene Matheson, Federico Fefo Bertolini, Dominique Joseph, Kelvin Prevett and Suzie Bostock, Pikiki – Michnus and Elsebie Olivier, Xt Adventures with Martin Strebel and Senia Sägesser, Motoadventure with Ermanno Gagliardi, Antonello Minervini, Eugenio Bazzoli, Luca Lupofifi ‘Verrangia, Ottavio Patane’, Rosario Sala and many more.

Michnus and Elsebie Olivier- Piki Piki Overland Blog
Martin Strebel- XT Adventures
Riaan Van Rooyen- Vansafrica
Federico Bertolini- Slow Way Down
Team Kapriony – Africa Ecorace- Website
Grace McDonald- Bike Hedonia
Laura Buitron- Chicka Motorunner
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