Guglatech Ultra 4 Air Filter for KTM 1050 1090 1190 1290 (2015+ ONLY)

KTM 1090, 1050, 1290, 1190 WITH 2015 AIRBOX ONLY
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Fits KTM 1290 air boxes, also suitable for the KTM Adventure 1190, post 2015 with airbox code 60306001200 with double drawer/wedges system.

Air Filter ULTRA 4 RALLY RAID to allow maximum protection to your KTM engine :

1. Ultra Protective, with filtration down to 30 microns and a extremely high BETA ratio, matching the OEM Paper filter specs,

2. Ultra Performing the much better Air Flow will allow a better engine response and a new sprint in your driving,

3. Ultra Economic from now on, with no need to buy a new filter every time you service the bike, or buy expensive solvent cleaning, then oiling or spraying your foam filter. Instead you simply simply blow the Ultra 4 with an air hose, then clean with water and light soap, it will be ready for mounting in a matter of minutes clean as new and it’s totally environmentally friendly,

4. Ultra Long Lasting the high density homogeneous matrix is robust and will not loose its integrity even after many washing; no cotton thread will get free, no foam particles will enter the combustion chamber because your foam filter disintegrates. The Ultra 4 filter will keep its’ great characteristics FOREVER.


Our relentless research for MAXIMUM PROTECTION for your motorcycle, maintenance cost TOTAL ELIMINATION, and continuous product creation and evolution has taken another step ahead with this REVOLUTIONARY Air Filter.

Whatever your bike configuration has, OEM exhaust and engine management, After Market parts and new EFI maps, if you are looking for the maximum protection in every condition and ultra cost reduction this is YOUR Air Filter.

We focused in a better riding experience, not on the RAce Track Only peak power, better tourque and smoother engine run and, being part of our mission, total engine protection and maintainance cost elimination.


This filter is also suitable for the KTM Adventure 1190 post 2015 with airbox code 60306001200 with double drawer/wedges system.

The pre-2015 with airbox code 60306001000 and “arch-type” mounting is well known for it’s lack of sealing and therefore is compulsory to use PTFE or Lithium greas both on the filter sealing lips and on the airbox sealing surfaces too, only this will help the uneven surfaces of the airbox to seal properly.

Guglatech DOES NOT supply the sealing material

Filter is compatible with the following OEM codes: KTM 60306015000 OLD KTM CODE KTM 60306015100 NEW KTM CODE

Filter your air with a re-usable GUGLAtech air filter which meets or exceeds OEM air filter specs. The filter has a 30-40 micron fabric mesh which cleans the air without restricting flow.

This is a DRY mesh media filter, meaning it doesn’t need solvents to clean it, or oils to charge it for use.

The mesh is reinforced by a wire screen. This means the filter can be cleaned with compressed air and soapy water WITHOUT DAMAGE TO THE FILTER. And that means you can use it over and over again. Basically, this is the last air filter you’ll ever need for your bike.

Installation is quick and easy, the same process as changing an OEM paper filter.

When ordering please list your bike’s make, model, and year in the order notes.
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