BMW R1200 GS Air/Oil fuel filter cleaning and Guglatech Rally Raid MOD


the following instructions are very very easy to follow, but you are DEALING WITH PETROL !!!, I/WE do not take any responsability on YOUR action and all you will do on your bike will be ON YOU ONLY.

Petrol EXPLODES, SMELLS BAD, KILLS, if you have any doubts hands OFF!!!!

Any doubts?? DO NOT DO IT!!!

The Rally Raid MOD will also invalidate your street approval!!!

WORK IN A VENTILATED ROOM, petrol fumes are toxic!!!!!

What you will need:

  1. 1 Nitrile gloves and plenty of kitchen or workshop paper
  2. 2 plastic or metal bowl PE, PA, PET or PP, not other materials
  3. 3 fresh petrol and two flasks of some good injector cleaner
  4. 4 syringe, better if all plastig, the rubber piston ones will last relly short, petrol is a Hell to work with
  5. 5 should your fuel pump be very noisy while firing up the engine, it may be the moment to swap a new one, at the moment many    Beemers  do suggest that the best swap is the Bosch 0580 453 443, check it before buying it please!!
  6. 6 screw bracelet or Oettiger if you have the right tool
  7. 7 mixed tools, open-end wrench #19, flat screwdriver
  8. 8 air compressor is a plus, but not a must, it makes the whole procedure much much faster
  9. 9 Teflon Tape, the one used in plumbing will do perfectly
  10. 10 I do recommend, should the bike have some years, to swap the flange gasket with a fresh one, BMW OEM part number 

I have been thinking of making a detailed instruction with some nice photos about the hidden fuel filter in many BMW models, all GS from 2004 until 2012, the new R Nine T based models, many K among which the S1000 RR and so on.

BMW was great in hiding the fact that THERE IS A FUEL filter in the fuel system, and it could not be otherwise, but the bad part is that is not serviceable, it cost between 560 up to 650 euro depending on market and model, I'd say I had to find a solution to that :0

There are plenty of videos on how to change a filter on a BMW 1100/1150, on a F800 or even BMW R1200 LC, but nobody has ever put a video of what is in the previous models, the one between the 11xx and the LC, and here we are :)